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Sharing Our Personal Stories

Select a photo to see a family member in overview.  Use the button below to submit material for an individual.

Each family member has a card to summarise their life story.  Cards are grouped by fours (4s), individually or by parent.  Select the group and then the tab to access a card.

Individuals record personal information on their “Thus are We” page.  The last section of each personal page is called My Portable Identity (portID) because it goes with you wherever you go whenever you go there.  Develop your portID into a separate launch page on a personal device to organise and securely record details without Big Tech selling it—particularly important for young children.  Used fully, PortID eases online activity by keeping essential aspects of your life readily and securely accessible from any device.

Use the button to submit material or offer comments/corrections.  Assure to identify the person and the page you intend the material.

Contribute to the Family Streams (Calendars, Chatter, Pictures, or Blog) on those pages directly.

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